Remember my post the other day wondering if things getting easier? I’m here to tell you, they do. When I released For Sure & Certain on February 5th I was an anxious wreck. For… Continue reading


Jeremy turned to me last night and asked, Will it ever get easier? He was asking because I’d just received a (second!) review for For Sure & Certain commenting about the grammatical errors, and was… Continue reading


Working at home is a strange thing. There are no requirements for a dress code or well, anything. Still, because of my family, I get out of bed in the morning which is probably a… Continue reading


The trilogy is FINALLY FOR SALE! Flicker (.99 through 3/8), Glimmer (3.99), Glow (3.99) I originally planned on spacing these releases two weeks apart, but last week I decided what the heck? I… Continue reading

my reckless release 2.0

The Dream Catcher is available now in paperback and as a kindle ebook! I am crazy excited about this release, and in celebration I am offering a chance to win an Amazon gift… Continue reading

My journey toward publication…it’s a long one.

Hey guys! Are you sick of posts about writing yet? Sorry, I’m kinda not. Someone asked me on IG about how I went about getting published. Whelp, the short version is I uploaded… Continue reading


Thursday night, the day of my release, I made good on my promise to you. I raised a flute of Prosecco and toasted the chasing of dreams! I wanted to share a few… Continue reading

My Reckless Release!

For Sure & Certain is available as a paperback and e-book now! I am over the moon about my debut novel entering the big, wide, world! The unfolding of our own personal stories parallels… Continue reading

to inspire.

Are you guys into Pinterest? I’ve used the site off and on over the past few years, but never found myself consistently using the platform. But in December I found myself mapping out… Continue reading

[insert happy dance]

[this is kinda long, bear with me] SOOOOO. You know how my word for the year of the year is RELEASE. And you know how I told you about my ten releases this… Continue reading