a little [unintentional] break.


I took a trip to Vegas last week. I had these HIGH hopes of working in the quiet house my friends and I had rented. I packed approximately 43 books, there were posts I wanted to compose, a friends manuscript I wanted to start reading, and my own little stories to tweak.

Instead I danced at the Hakkasan until 4 in the morning and watched season three of GIRLS snuggled in bed with my dear friend and walked around Forever 21 trying on harem pants and sleeping for a collective nine hours in five days.

Things don’t always go as planned.

I usually work when I’m on vacation because ‘real life’ is busy with the kids. When I step away, all of a sudden I have these extra hours. Even if it’s a family trip, my husband is there and he’s really good about giving me mornings or afternoons to write. But maybe now that I’m carving about 20-30 hours a week to work on my writing, the vacations need to be more of a vacation. I feel like I can get a glimpse of why someone might become a work-a-holic, especially in this stage of my writing career when I’m really fighting hard for my dream. Not writing seems like wasted time. There is a balance to be found for sure.

Stepping back from my manuscript for a bit was a good decision, even if an unintentional one. WeΒ needed a little space. I needed to breathe, and it needed to rest, and now we can hang out together again. With more clarity.

How do you balance work and life and vacation?

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One thought on “a little [unintentional] break.

  1. great pic…sounds like good fun…I still have a lot to learn about balancing time…I don’t feel like I ever stop working…though, the things I’ve done don’t really confirm this assertion…


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